Our StatisticViewer is a statistical reporting tool. The idea: We also want to make statistics available to non-statisticians! For this, our tool generates a PDF report of the statistical Properties of their data, such as correlations, significances, determine density functions, and much more. In interactive text boxes, we also explain what statistical terms are meant for have a qualitative meaning, so that they judge themselves to learn to separate the important and the unimportant. In general, our StatisticViewer includes many areas of descriptive statistics or closing statistics.
What expenses to be calculated, you determine via an intuitive and simple visual selection tool, which Mainly working on checkboxes. About how to create statistics you do not have to dispose of this work the StatisticViewer. You can fully concentrate on the interpretation of these results, And so they can discover the hidden knowledge that is in their data even faster and safer. Are you a bit tired of small-scale work with SPSS, R, or something similar; then you will be our StatistikViewer Love simplicity and functionality.



Functions/Features, which our StatisticViewer provides: