LenIT’s Visual Sheet Explorer (VSE) Suite (Release 2.1)


You are looking for a simple and efficent data analysis tool? Here, you found it!

Our Visual Sheet Explorer (VSE) 2.1 is the most popular product for the (visual) analysis of table data/spreadsheets (multidimensional data). The Visual Sheet Explorer allows you to analyze your spreadsheets, be it an Excel spreadsheet, a Google spreadsheet, or any other spreadsheet you need to be analysed. For this, we use the CSV format internally: this makes our analysis tool universal usable together with further spreadsheet analysis tool. To make this easier for you, in all products of the VSE family you have access to our integrated data set converter. With this, you can exchange your data quickly and easily if needed.
For the analysis of your data, you have a variety of different modules within our module portfolio. Each module enables either the solution of a special analysis task or a data manipulation task. This gives you the freedom to choose exactly this module configuration that fits best to your needs. Well, this way you spend your money only on what is most needed for your needs!

  Key Features

– Efficent visual analysis of Tebles/Work Sheets/Multidimensional Data
– Statistic reports of your data in PDF format
– Projections & Pots, Plots, Plots ….
– Data analysis for everyone (no expert knowledge needed!)
– Analysis modules as needed

Currently, we offer 5 different modules to analysis of your spreadsheets:

Modul 1 TableViewer:

The TableViewer allows you to visually analyze your tables/spreadsheets, it allows to view rows and columns, to sort and to perform data manipulations; to select, to rank and to mark data (which will affect other modules), to generate graphical compressed views and it enables to save them instantly as a png-image (for example: to be used in a presentation). With our interactive 2D Slider, we introduce another innovative tool that supports you to find optimal parameters for an appropriate table presentation in an intuitive and playful way. The TableViewer is our standard module, which will always be found in each configuration of our VSE toolbox family. 

Modul 2 PlotViewer:

The PlotViewer of our VSESuite is a tool in order to quickly create different charts and diagrams and to save them as a png-picture. Originally intended for customers who are looking for high-quality graphics of their data need for presentations. Be it for talks at international conferences, the weekly group meeting, or the semi-annual meeting with the Board. Also because our company founders themselves often needed such graphics for presentations and scientific work, they have started to develop this module and add it to our module portfolio. Creating high-quality graphics from your data is no longer a problem with the ait of our PlotViewer!


Modul 3 BivariateViewer:

The BivariateViewer is a traditional tool for the visual data analysis. It supports the analysis of their data using (two-dimensional) interactive scatter coordinates, scatter plot matrices, parallel coordinates, and iconic representations. A toolbox of interactive lenses allows you to analyze your data in detail, to freely combine different views, to generate bivariate regressions (visual regression) and to visually test your models, or even consider density distributions to generate hypotheses about knowledge contained in your data. Simple, efficient, and simply efficient, the BivariateViewer is the optimal entry into visual data analysis.


Modul 4 ProjectionViewer:

Our ProjectionViewer is a specialist tool for visual data analysis both for interested beginners and also for specific tasks for experts of data analysis. Our ProjectionViewer allows you to visually inspect your data using a variety of multivariate projections, like the Star Coordinates or Radial visualizations. In addition, it implements the Orthographic Star Coordinates, which minimize distortions during the projection process. In general, multivariate projections are projections which maps all columns (= dimensions) and all their data elements (= rows) of the complete data set at once. Thus, the data set is completely visualized and also relations in which several dimensions are involved are recognizable. Such relations are often referred to as multivariate relationships. Compared to the two-dimensional representations of the BivariateViewer, you can use our ProjectionViewer also to recognize multivariate correlations, which gives this module a strong value for the data analysis. From a technical point of view, it should be noted that: there is an infinite number of such projections, and it is unclear in advance, which of them need to be represented and which not (since all of them cannot be shown at once).
But our ProjectionViewer takes care in that regard: To help you to search through the projection space for interesting projections, our module offers a variety of methods: on the one hand, the manual exploration, in which the parameters (= axes) of the projection can be interactively set via graphical parameter methaphors. The second method is the concept of general projective maps, in which the schemes of the Star coordinates and the Radial Visualizations are combined. The third and strongest method is to precalculate an optimized amount of good projections (= Optimal Set of Projections). This will take a few seconds, but after that you can go through the set with a simple slider interaction to see all interesting projections one by one. This set will also show both all relevant global structures of the data and all relevant outliers as well. You cannot get easier working with multivariate projections at all! For the top experts amongst you comes here an important hint: Of course we also offer PCA and MDS-eske configurations, and much more …
For one of our preferred application areas, namely the visual machine learning (i.e., the training of models for the classification, the clustering, or the regression by using visual methods), our ProjectionViewer provides tools for visual clustering: By using interactive visual methods, you can cluster your data by your own and you can store this clusterization. This will either generate test data for your machine learning test scenarios or generate a clustering, which is possibly semantically better than one found by automatic methods. Can this be true? Yes, indeed: Prof. Jon Kleinberg found out that a good measure does not exist for every semantically meaningful clustering with which one automatically can cluster the data (= Kleinberg’s Impossibility Theorem). Thus, since you know your domain and your data best, it might be better to manually achieve clustering results. We support you in that regard.
Overall, our ProjectionViewer is a very powerful tool for data analysis. To help you to quickly get able to efficiently use this tool, there are tutorial videos and case studies available to guide you to exploit the strengths of this module in short time.

Modul 5 StatisticViewer:

Our StatisticViewer is a statistical reporting tool. The idea: We also want to make statistics available to non-statisticians! For this, our tool generates a PDF report of the statistical Properties of their data, such as correlations, significances, determine density functions, and much more. In interactive text boxes, we also explain what statistical terms are meant for have a qualitative meaning, so that they judge themselves to learn to separate the important and the unimportant. In general, our StatisticViewer includes many areas of descriptive statistics or closing statistics.
What expenses to be calculated, you determine via an intuitive and simple visual selection tool, which Mainly working on checkboxes. About how to create statistics you do not have to dispose of this work the StatisticViewer. You can fully concentrate on the interpretation of these results, And so they can discover the hidden knowledge that is in their data even faster and safer. Are you a bit tired of small-scale work with SPSS, R, or something similar; then you will be our StatistikViewer Love simplicity and functionality.


You can explore many more details of our modules here at Modules . There, you will also find exciting videos, which brings you closer to the different functions of our VSE. Enjoy exploring!


Our license concept:
You can choose from different licence types:
Single Licenses or Cluster Licenses:
A single license permits to use a product on a single PC client. A cluster license permits to use a product on a number of PC clients at once.
Limited time:
Our licenses are available for either a one year period or a several year period. For such period-based temporary licenses, a product can be used (after activation) for a certain period of time, until this period will be expired. This gives you the opportunity to then look back on our site and to participate in the latest developments of our VSESuite.

Unsere VSESuite 2.1 ist in jeder Version mehrsprachig, sowohl bezüglich aller Texte als auch aller Videos. Aktuell unterstützen wir die Sprachen Deutsch und Englisch. Our VSESuite 2.1 is multilingual in every version, both in terms of all texts and all videos. Currently, we support the languages ​​German and English.

Our integrated video concept:
Almost every slider, button, and functionality have their own ToolTip, which links to a video: It explains how the functionality works and what it means. By making the ToolTip attached to each item, you never lose the overview and you get exactly the explanations you need, just when you need them.


Just click on the links to our online shops at the VSE product of your choice: Follow the descriptions there; do not worry, the purchase will take 3 min, or less. After purchasing our tool, you will receive an installer program, for download. Execute it, in order to install the product VSESuite 2.1 . Then, under ‘License’ click on ‘Activate’ to activate your version for the use (you need an online connection for it). Then your version of can be used according to the license.

Purchase your version of the Visual Sheet Explorer today, and start to analyze your data intuitively and easily.

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